About Us


It was the summer that you’ve never forgotten. It changed your life. It lasted forever and was over in a moment. Of all your memories, the days and nights of your CISV experience are still as vivid and real today as they were on that long trip home. It may be a story in a newspaper, or a geography class at your child’s school, but suddenly your past floods around you and you can see the smiling faces of the best friends you ever had.

We know there’s a special place in your heart for CISV. And nobody understands that feeling better than we do. Even if you never went to a camp but got involved with CISV in some other way, it makes its mark and never leaves you.

We’re here for you, to help you find old CISV connections and make new ones. To help you make the most of being a member of an amazing and diverse worldwide ‘family’ of friends.


  • To encourage lifelong relationships with and among current and future CISV alumni.
  • To be of relevance and service to alumni and create support for CISV International, its National Associations and Chapters.

The CISV International Alumni Association is an affiliate of CISV International and a registered not for profit in the USA.

CISV International Alumni Association Board